Arcane Reborn Wiki

The wiki guidelines are rules and regulations set by the wiki staff for the community in order to ensure that the wiki can remain open to all whilst being a user-friendly experience. We expect all members to follow the guidelines below.

Community Guidelines


Contribution is welcome!

  • The wiki is meant to serve all Arcane Reborn enthusiasts, and everyone is encouraged to add on. However, we want to make sure everything is legible, understandable, and accurate. This involves using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as organized photos and detailed descriptions.
  • If you require assistance in editing an article, feel free to ask fellow wiki members or the wiki staff.

Respect one another!

  • Be open to different opinions and views, and be civil to each other. If a user needs help, it is encouraged to try and solve the situation as soon as possible. Simply being friendly can greatly impact the growth and success of a community.
  • Discrimination, bullying, and toxic behavior will not be tolerated and those who breach this policy will be blocked.

Think before you speak!

  • While you are encouraged to help out, don't be the one to start a fight.
  • Be careful about what you say, even if you have good intentions, and always find the most passive way to express an opinion. Ignorance and anger will only makes things worse!

Be careful with privacy!

  • As some of the users on the wiki are young of age, refrain from asking for any personal information such as real names, specific locations (countries or states are an exception), phone numbers, and email addresses. You do not need to know everything about a person.
  • Do NOT tell anyone your Fandom account password or your ROBLOX account password. Any attempt at this should be reported to the wiki staff.

Do nots

Do not vandalize! 

  • Forms of vandalism include spam, use of profanity, advertising for personal gain, intentionally inserting false or misleading information, editing in inappropriate content, and creating joke pages.
  • Those who break this rule will be blocked for varying periods of time depending on the severity of the situation.

Do not encourage cheating! 

  • Mentioning hacks, exploits, glitches, or bugs that can be used to one's advantage in-game is forbidden. Comments or pages containing methods with the intention to cheat or exploit the game will be deleted.
  • Those who break this rule should be notified of to the wiki staff.

Do not be redundant! 

  • Refrain from making unnecessary changes to pages. This includes overusing or incorrectly using templates, adding or creating incorrect categories, adding pages that relate to upcoming or non-game content, and making multiple insignificant edits to a single page.
  • Those who break this rule will receive a warning, continued offences will be punished accordingly.

Do not offer or accept trade offers for Robux! 

  • Trading in-game items or hosting giveaways for Robux is against ROBLOX ToS.
  • Anyone involved in such acts will be permanently blocked from the community with appeal and the game developers will be notified.
  • If there was an offer but no transaction, all of those involved will be given a warning. Repeated offences will lead to a permanent block.

Editing Guidelines

Below are, while not rules, good practices users may want to follow in content creation and in general housekeeping on the wiki.

  • Crop unwanted content in the photos you put onto articles. A good way to do this is by using the photo-taking function in-game by pressing the [P] key. Also make sure images related to armor, weapons, and other decals are transparent PNGs if possible.
    • Admins and Content Moderators reserve the right to remove or change any photo that is not cropped or edited to wiki standards.
  • Use proper grammar and proofread your work before hitting "Publish". This includes checking for excessive or underuse of punctuation marks, avoiding capitalization mistakes, using proper formatting, verifying the credibility of your content, etc.
  • Make a practice of writing a summary of your edits whenever possible as well as marking your changes as minor edits.
  • When using the source editor, you may use the "preview" function to get an accurate representation of your changes which you can then use to minimize errors made.
  • Follow this example page's format when making edits to armor or accessory pages.

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