Editing Guidelines

These are items that, while not rules, fall into a related category and mostly relate to content creation and general housekeeping items on this wiki.

  • Please crop unwanted menu items, etc. in the photos you post. We want to have a clean-looking wikia! Admins and content mods have the ability to remove or change any photo that is not cropped or edited to correct wiki format. Also be sure to make images related to one in-game item like a weapon, island, or NPC transparent.
  • Please use proper grammar when editing pages. we duz n0t wantz 0ur w1k14 t0 l0okz l1k3z th15!!!111!1
  • Do not include punctuation marks unless necessary.
  • Requesting administrative powers is generally frowned upon unless there is a specific need for it which is not being fulfilled by other administrators.
  • Please make sure that content created and posted is relevant to the wiki or the page in which it is posted.
  • Do not create pages for trading stuff. Please either, create a blog or to a trading-related forum discussion.
  • Avoid Poor quality edits such as:
    • Farming edit count by editing pages that serve little to no change.
    • Adding/creating unnecessary categories. Please refer to this forum post to know more about it.

Community Guidelines

To promote a holistic and healthy environment for all members, we have set up some basic guidelines for all members to adhere to


  • Contribution is welcome. 
This Wikia is meant to be of help to a variety of Arcane Reborn enthusiasts, and everyone is encouraged to add on. However, we want to make sure everything is legible, understandable, and true. This involves using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as organized photos. If you require help in editing a page, feel free to ask fellow wikia members or wiki staff to assist.
  • Respect one another.
This is a friendly Wikia to every user that sets foot here. Regard opinions and views, and be tolerant to each other. If a user needs help in any way, such as being bullied or even just asking for advice, it's best to try to solve the situation as best as possible. If any problems regarding abuse arise, don't forget to contact the staff members. Simply being nice can greatly impact the growth and success of a community.
  • Think before you speak. 
 While it's encouraged to help out, don't be the one starting a fight. Be careful with your actions, and always find the most passive way to express an opinion. Anger and violence only makes things worse.
  • Careful with privacy. 
As some of the users in this Wikia are considerably young of age, try not to ask for any personal information such as real names, specific locations (countries or states are an exception), phone numbers, email addresses, or any account information like passwords. You don't need to know everything about a person.

Do nots

  • Do not Vandalize.
This Wikia should not have wrong information to deter users from obtaining the right ones. This is extremely crucial. Forms of vandalism include spam, excessive advertising, profanity, incorrect information, inappropriate content, and plagiarism. Failure to follow this rule will lead to a strict warning and eventually a ban.
  • Do not edit another user's profile. 
Their profile page is theirs alone to edit. This applies to any other Wikia as well.
  • Do not share exploits.
Wikia users are to not to specifically mention any hacks, exploits, glitches, or bugs that can be used to one's advantage in Arcane Adventures. Don't deliberately show ways to hack or exploit the game, as players will be banned from Arcane Adventures all because of one user who posted a link to a hacking software. People who break this rule should be notified of to a staff member.
  • Do not feed the trolls.
This means that every time you respond negatively to those who try to ruin your work, you are giving them what they want. The more you do that, the more they will be back for more. It's best to be calm, and limit contact with these people. The less attention they get, the more likely they are to move on. Don't fall into their trap. If someone is harassing you, notify a staff member.
  • Do not be redundant.
While Wikia users are recommended to contribute to the Wikia, there are a couple of rules regarding proper editing: Please do not overuse infoboxes. We know infoboxes are cool, but they should be reserved specifically for important items with important stats (this includes bosses, armor, and weapons.) If you want to show multiple pictures in one area, use Galleries or Slideshows. Additionally, do not add unnecessary or redundant categories or make redundant changes to pages. Categories are important to organizing pages, but too much is a big hassle. We know you want to earn that badge for adding categories and page edits, but it's not enjoyable to delete every unneeded category while also making it difficult to moderate wiki activities. A soft warning will be given to those who overuse categories or make unnecessary changes. Make the staff's jobs easier.
  • Do not trade or offer giveaways for Robux.
Trading in-game-items or hosting giveaways for robux is forbidden by Roblox ToS as well as by us. If anyone is caught getting involved in this, they will be permanently blocked from this community.

Further Help and Feedback

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