Hey devs, if your seeing this it would be nice to hear your feedback.

magic weapons, they exist, and their pretty good. Until now. you see when I was grinding for magic levels it takes a ton of time.

currently the level cap is 280, yet the highest level magic weapon is level 100, it would be really nice us could add a magic weapon that's at level 200 or so, so that way we can grind for magic levels a bit quicker, not only that but it will be very useful for when you guys increase the level cap, whenever increase it that is (hopefully soon)

and for you guys reading at home, what do you guys think? Do y'all think we should get some better magic weapons to make grinding magic levels easier or not? And if so what do you guys think the weapons should be?

hopefully we get something new because I'm at magic level 360 or so and I've basically given up trying to get max magic level.

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