Arcane Reborn Wiki

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Conditions for 100%

  • All Fighting Styles learned once
  • All boat upgrades purchased and Golden Rod obtained
  • All quests completed and a clan established
  • All chest hoards and secret caves found
  • All dungeons complete and islands explored
  • All bosses and mini-bosses defeated
  • All Minds unlocked and level 300 obtained
  • All legendary and magic weapons obtained, also Rigel's Apotheosis

Fighting Styles

There are 6, being the Boxing, Magic, Cannon, Radius, Swaying, and Impact Styles. They cost a total of 242,500 Lamina and a maximum of 400 Strength levels are needed to learn them all.
Fighting Styles Cost Strength Teacher Island Sea
Boxing 5,000 30 Polemos Boxing Island 1st
Magic 7,500 70 Remus Magic Fist Island 1st
Cannon 10,000 100 Romulus Savaria 1st
Radius 30,000 400 Freedrock Radius Island 3rd
Swaying 40,000 80 Cortes Borealis 2nd
Impact 150,000 150 Vasco Impact Island 2nd

Boat Upgrades and Rod

To satisfy this condition, one must purchase a Frigate and max out the Hull, Steer, and Sail blueprints. I believe it can be bought in Alalea (verify), and you need max level to purchase all the upgrades.

The Golden Rod can be found on Redwood Island in the 3rd Sea.

Quests Completed and Clan Established

To clarify, the "Island" column is in reference to where the quest giver is, not the objective. The 1st Sea quests are the following:
Name Giver Objective Island
The Beginning Talk to Theos Newground
The Test Theos Defeat 5 Crazy Wizards Newground
Doom Island Theos Talk to Roran Newground
Conquer the Shadows Roran Defeat Marua Doom
City of Sand Roran Talk to Reese Doom
Missing Necklace Lily Find Lily's Necklace* Doom
Prove Your Worth Reese Defeat 7 Undead Desert Captains Savaria
Raid Kairo Reese Defeat Ramses II Savaria
To The Skies Reese Talk to the Messenger Savaria
The Bandit Leader Sean Defeat the Bandit Leader Savaria
Bandit Hunt Vance Defeat (verify) Desert Bandits Savaria
Pirate Problems Messenger Talk to Owen Cumulus
The Shipwreck Owen Talk to Hayes Cumulus
The Raging Captain Hayes Defeat Verdies Shipwreck
The Second Sea Messenger Talk to Theos Cumulus
Challenge Accepted Fire Wizard Defeat Fire Wizard Cumulus
Sky Fruit Finder Joshua Find 10 Sky Apples Cumulus

*Lily's Necklace is on the inner ring of Ice Crown Isle next to the whirlpool, on the right side.

The 2nd Sea quests are the following:
Name Giver Objective Island
End the Frozen Bandits Cassie Defeat (verify) Frozen Bandits* Permafrost
Trial of Endurance Theos Defeat 100 Gunslingers Borealis
Dragonfruit Hunt Bartender Find 15 Dragonfruits Borealis
Lost Leg Landon Find Landon's Peg Leg* Borealis
Trial of The Soul Theos Defeat Captain Sage Oblitesco
End Averill Abraham Defeat Averill Oblitesco
Trial of Strength Theos Defeat Theos Ark
Alalea Theos Talk to Theos Judgement

*Seemingly, the 1st Sea Permafrost Island doesn't have any NPCs. Go to the one in the 2nd Sea.

*Landon's Peg Leg is located on the Wilderness shipwreck island directly Southwest of the Borealis and Southwest of the Crystal Archipelago.

The 3rd Sea quests are the following:
Name Giver Objective Island
Requesting Help Theos Talk to Guard outside castle/throne room (verify) Alalea
The Rising Phoenix Theos Talk to Theos Alalea
Oliver's Revenge Oliver Defeat Guard Captain Reginald, Drake, Jace, and (verify) Alalea
Preparing For The Feast Morgan Find 5 Grapes Alalea
Stealing Back David Defeat Guards until necklace drops (verify) Alalea
Conquer The Highland Bandits Mayor Evan Defeat (verify) Highland Bandits Whiteridge
Dexter's Errand Dexter Talk to Mason Redwood
Save Icicle Peak Bradley Defeat 15 Insane Wizards Icicle Peak
Cerulea Theos Talk to Lewis Sunrise Ravine
Angel Lewis Talk to Angel Cerulea
Resurrection Angel Defeat Angel Cerulea
Harrison's Challenge Harrison Defeat Harrison Cerulea
Hat Flew Away George Find George's Hat* Cerulea
Morock's Legacy Angel Talk to Angel Bermuda
Stalemate Angel Talk to Trigno Bermuda
The Crimson Demon Trigno Defeat Rupin Obsidian Cove
Recovery Talk to the Doctor Demon's Landing
Reprimand Doctor Talk to Trigno then Angel Sabura
Sea of Thieves (nice) Elias Defeat 5 pirate ships Sabura
The Merciless Jane Defeat the Whiteridge Highland Bandit Leader Sabura
Pyramid Raiders Tobias Defeat Bandits to find 3 Bandit plans, then talk

to Pace in Alalea, then defeat Amon

Pyramids of Azten Angel Talk to Theos in the Great Pyramid. Sabura

*George's Hat is on one of the upper sections of Demon's Landing, to the left side. (verify)

To establish a clan, you just need 50 Aurem. You should acquire more than enough on your adventures.

Treasure Hoards, Secrets, and Ghost Ships

In the 1st Sea, there is Mavist Island with a small hoard on the peak and a waterfall cave, Ice Maze Island has a treasure hoard on top, Ice Crown Isle with a secret cave near the right rear of the island, and Savaria with a secret cave around the shore.

In the 2nd Sea, there is a hoard of treasure on the peak of the middle spike in the Devil's Sea and another spike too. There is also a secret cave at the western side of Dawn's Refuge with a ship.

In the 3rd Sea, there is a hoard of treasure on the tallest spike on Stairway to Heaven, and a secret cave on the spike with the broken bridge, and Sea's Torment has a very large hoard. There is also a cave on Alalea.

There are a total of 5 Ghost Ships. They are the Nebula, Flying Dutchman, Cyclops, Aggressor, and Bermuda Locket.

Dungeons and Islands

This one is very self-explanatory. Complete the Great Pyramid and the Eye of the Storm and explore every island. See all the islands have to offer by looking for chests, secrets, and NPCs. Once a new update comes out, maybe help chart more seas. Keep exploring and finding more.

Bosses and Mini-Bosses

A boss is a powerful enemy that you need to defeat to progress the game. A mini-boss is not necessary for story progression but still powerful and can be a quest requirement. Usually they drop strong items or have a special arena.
Bosses Mini-bosses
Marua, The Shadow Desert Bandit Leader
Ramses II, The Fallen King Fire Wizard
Verdies, Angry Pirate Captain Averill, Pirate Captain
Sage, Emerald Empress Captain Reginald
Theos, The War Phoenix Captain Jace
Angel Creed Captain Drake
Rupin, The Crimson Demon Captain Arsen
Khunum, Ancient General Holden, The Kraken
Tutenrah, The Divine Tremor Grave, The Merciless
Prometheus, The Gift Giver Amon, Bandit Leader
Trigno, The Volcano

Minds Unlocked and Levels Maxed

It's pretty simple, just complete the story to what is in the game currently, and you should reach max level along the way, currently 300. Especially if you're taking the game thoroughly, you should level up fine.