Arcane Reborn Wiki

The staff guidelines are a set of rules that all Arcane Reborn wiki staff must follow. This page also contains a list of punishable offences which can be used as reference for wiki staff and community members.

Our Expectations From Wiki Staff

  • Be active and cooperative on the wiki.
  • Be professional and mature towards community members and wiki staff.
  • Follow your assigned tasks to the best of your abilities.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues if you are unsure about anything.
  • Avoid holding biases and be objective in discussions.
  • Notify the staff team in advance if you need some downtime.

Sanctioning Guidelines

  • All users, regardless of position, must follow the wiki guidelines.
  • Staff members who violate these guidelines will be punished with a harsher sentence and may face temporary or permanent demotion depending on the offence.
  • If you notice another user who has violated these rules, contact a wiki staff member immediately. Anyone who withholds information will receive the same punishment as the perpetrators.
  • Staff members will deal with violations on a case-by-case basis and have the right to pass out punishments based on their own judgment depending on the circumstances of the incident. This implies that the nature and or the duration of the punishment may differ from those suggested on the table below.
  • Appeals are handled by the Bureaucrats or the Administrators.
    • Appeals for permanent blocks are handled by the Bureaucrats.

Punishable Offences

Violations are divided into different colors. They signify the severity of the action, and in most cases, the severity of the punishment as well.

Yellow - Level 1 Offence

Yellow Level offences are the least severe, offenders are given a generous amount of warnings or a short block duration.

Offence Description Number Of Warnings Punishment
Discussion Pages Creating a page instead of a blog or forum thread to start a discussion. 1 24 Hour Block
Trashposting Making an off-topic comment on pages, discussions, and blogs. 2 24 Hour Block
Swearing Using profanity on articles. This includes abbreviations (e.g. wtf). 2 48 Hour Block

Orange - Level 2 Offence

Orange Level offences are a step higher from Yellow Level offences, offenders are given a single warning or a week-long block.

Offence Description Number Of Warnings Punishment
Spam Making repeated posts and comments of the same/similar content or unnecessarily long posts and comments over a short period of time. 1 1 Week Block
Creation of Categories Creating new categories without permission. Users must have explicit permission to do so from an administrator. 1 1 Week Block

Red - Level 3 Offence

Red Level offences are a step higher from Orange Level offences, offenders may be given a single warning or no warning at all with a two week block or a permanent block depending on the offence.

Offence Description Number Of Warnings Punishment
Vandalism Intentionally editing in unconstructive or irrelevant content, removing verified content, and adding incorrect categories to an article. 1 2 Week Block
Harassment Picking on other community members with the intent to annoy or harm them. 1 Permanent Block
Toxicity Displaying excessively toxic behavior towards community members. 1 Permanent Block
Irrelevant Pages Intentionally creating pages that have no relevance to, or are not officially part of Arcane Reborn. 0 2 Week Block
Encouraging Exploits/Glitches Giving instructions on how to perform currently existing glitches and exploits or abuse bugs that give users an in-game advantage. 0 2 Week Block

Purple - Level 4 Offence

Purple Level offences are the most severe, offenders will be blocked permanently without warning.

Offence Description Number Of Warnings Punishment
Explicit Material Sharing or posting explicit content (e.g. pornography, gore, etc.). 0 Permanent Block
Alt. Bypass Using an alternate account to bypass a block. 0 Permanent Block
Impersonation Pretending to be another person with the intent to deceive another. 0 Permanent Block