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Ships are the main method of transport throughout the Seven Seas. Some are more durable and are armed with devastating firepower, while others are more well-equipped for traveling quickly across the seas. 

Sea Vessels

A small, two-person rowboat used for travel.

–Ship Description

The rowboat is the first sea vessel most players will obtain. Rewarded by completing "The Test" quest issued by Theos, the War Phoenix. The rowboat is also purchasable from all shipwrights at level 1+.


This vessel is a two-seater wooden boat that is propelled by moving wooden oars rather than from the wind in the sails, as it has none. A wooden plank inside boat's hull serves as the driver's seat with the second "seat" being at the tip of the rowboat. A single hole has been poked through each side of the hull meant to lock the oars into place when rowing.

Unlike most ships, the rowboat cannot move automatically and has to be operated manually by pressing the [W], [A], [S], and [D] keys. It has two speed settings: normal and sprinting speed. Sprinting speed increases travel speed and can be toggled on and off by pressing control (the same key to sprint), like running, this mode drains stamina when in use.

The rowboat has no guns and has the lowest base health of all sea vessels, however what it lacks in combat prowess it makes up for in maneuverability and low profile, allowing it to easily avoid cannon fire and other ranged attacks.


  • Strangely enough, the rowing animation performed by a player in a rowboat does not make use of any kind of rowlock to hold the oars in place.
    • The holes that are bored into the side of the rowboat are not used for the oars when rowing and are purely for aesthetics.
  • The rowboat's model hovers slightly above the water surface.

A small ship with a single mast and one cannon on each side.

–Ship Description

The sailboat is a sea vessel purchasable from shipwrights at Savaria, Cumulus Island, the Borealis Shipwreck, Alalea, Cerulea, and Sabura at level 30+.


A medium-sized ship with two masts and two cannons on each side.

–Item Description

Purchasable from all shipwright shops if level 50 except Alalea's shipwright ship.

A large-sized ship with three masts and six cannons on each side.

–Item Description

Only purchasable from Borealis Shipwreck's and Alalea's shipwright shops if level 100+. 

It has 6 cannons on each side, with a single mortar at the front.

A large sized boat that looks similar to a sailboat but longer with 3 cannons on each side.

–Item Description

The ketch is a sea vessel purchasable from shipwrights at Savaria, Cumulus Island, the Borealis Shipwreck, Alalea, Cerulea, and Sabura at level 30+.

  • There is a glitch which reduces the maximum Sail Upgrades to 6, rather than the stated 11.

A small ship with a single mast and a single mortar.

–Item Description

Only purchasable from Alalea's shipwright shop if level 180+.

A small boat with a single mast and cannon, invented in Sabura and used primarily for exporting goods.

–Item Description

Only purchasable from Sabura's ship salesman if level 200+.

Obtaining a Ship

The first sea vessel players are introduced to is the rowboat rewarded by Theos, The War Phoenix upon completing the quest, "The Test". From there, the player can choose to purchase a variety of ships from the shipwrights found on most spawn islands across the First, Second, and Third Seas.

Larger ships and ships with heavier armaments can only be found in later Seas, as well as needing a higher level requirement to be met before they can be bought similar to most items.

Ship Spawning and Mechanics


Once a ship has been obtained, players can spawn their vessel in by clicking the "Dock (Type of Ship)" button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Ships are spawned in front of direction the player character is facing and will only spawn if the direction the player character is facing has a nearby body of water.

Ships previously damaged by any amount will not spawn until the player pays a Lamina fee to the prompt that appears upon attempting to spawn a ship. The amount of Lamina needed to be paid is based on how much ship health was lost, this will carry on through servers and can not be avoided until repairs are made. Upon completing the transaction, the ship will spawn docked at full health.

Sea vessels despawn after a period of less than 5 minutes, a notification will be sent to the owner of the ship 30 seconds before it will despawn, after which it can immediately be spawned in again (or after paying a fee if it was damaged prior). Sea vessels will despawn shortly after the player has reset or has died. Note that ships will only despawn when docked, meaning that ships that get stuck on islands/land formations or sail into the void will not despawn until their sails have been toggled off.

Setting Sail

After spawning or taking control of any vessel, with the exception of the rowboat, clicking on the "Toggle Sails" button on the bottom left corner of the screen will make the ship set sail regardless of whether a player is at the wheel and will keep sailing indefinitely in the direction it is facing until the "Toggle Sails" button is clicked again. There is a short cooldown between toggling sails. It is recommended to not unseat from the wheel as long as the ship is moving due to the possibility that the player could fall backwards overboard while the ship is still moving.

In order to steer the ship, a player must first be seated at the helm of the ship. The "W", "A", "S", and "D", keys will allow the ship to be steered in any direction as long as the ship is moving with the sails toggled on.

As the health of a vessel decreases (with the exception of the rowboat), so does its speed. When severely damaged, ships can reach speeds slower than swimming speed. When the health of a ship reaches "0", the vessel will sink, unable to be controlled or spawned in until repairs are made. All ships take half the damage from all attacks, including from cannonballs fired from other ships.

Currently, all ships have the same speed/turn speed when fully upgraded. This will most likely change in future updates.


A ship's guns can be controlled by either the driver or the gunners. The gunners (if any) will take shooting priority over the driver as long as they remain seated at their gun and will disable the driver's ability to control it and all the guns on the port/starboard side if applicable.

As a driver, you can only fire all the cannons at once on either side at a time. Unlike at a gunner's seat or at manual cannons built on captured islands, these cannons are not able to be aimed independently and will always follow a straight line of fire. Firing cannons as a driver is achieved by panning your camera to face the side you want to fire towards (e.g. fire all guns on the starboard side, pan camera to the right). When the camera is positioned correctly, a red highlight will mark the path of the cannonballs in which they will follow when clicking anywhere on the screen.

As a gunner, you can only fire one gun at a time unlike the driver. Similarly to the driver though, these cannons are not able to be aimed independently and will always follow a straight line of fire. Firing a cannon as a gunner is achieved by facing your camera in the general direction the cannon itself is facing. When the camera is positioned correctly, a thin red highlight will mark the path of the cannonball in which they will follow when clicking anywhere on the screen.

Mortars on the other hand, are comparable to manual mortars built on captured islands for both the driver and the gunner in terms of operating them. In order to aim a mortar as the driver, holding shift will prompt a red cylinder shaped highlight to appear where the mouse cursor is, showing the area where the cannonballs will land. Holding shift is not necessary as a gunner.


Ship can be upgraded through purchasing blueprints at any ship salesman/saleswoman, the functionality of these blueprints include being able to increase a vessel's maximum health, top sailing speed, and turn speed. Once bought, the upgrade immediately transfers to the player's vehicle and will be applied permanently. Buying a new vessel will not return any upgrades applied to the previous ship and will have to be bought again.

In addition to upgrading, players have the choice to customize their sea vessel's color scheme using a paintbrush, as well as giving their vehicle a name with a ship name tag, both being able to be purchased from all shipwrights.

See Ship Modifications for more detailed information.


  • All sea vessels dock facing east.
  • It is possible to sit in the crow's nest of the caravel. 
  • The rowboat is the only sea vessel that can travel in reverse.
  • In Arcane Adventures, the caravel used to have a cabin with two hammocks inside.
  • In Arcane Adventures, sea vessels used to use different models that were supposedly based on the "Going Merry" ship from the popular anime/manga series "One Piece", but were remodeled because Vetex felt that they were not in the style of the game.
  • The sailboat is the fastest ship in the game next to the gunboat which is only slightly slower