Allows the user to control and manipulate the shadows.

–When shadow is described by the magic choosing screen.

Most of Shadow's attacks inflict the Wither status and have no weaknesses, but on the other hand, also have no apparent strengths compared to other magics besides the Wither status effect.



Attack Names Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement Gifs
Shadow Bullet The user fires a ball of shadow, dealing impact damage and causing anyone affected to be inflicted with Wither. [Q] Magic Level 1+ ShadowBullet
Dark Impact The user grabs a single enemy and forces massive amounts of shadow energy in the form of a beam at them, dealing damage, applying wither and knocking them out. [E] Strength Level 8+ ShadowDarkImpact
Dark Explosion The user summons shadow magic and releases it in the area in the form of an explosion, causing damage and wither to anyone in the vicinity of the explosion. [R] Magic Level 25+ ShadowDarkExplosion
Dark Binding The user shunts the enemy up and forms a band around them, eventually dealing lots of damage and knocking them out. [F] Strength Level 50+ ShadowDarkBinding
Dark Barrier The user forms pure shadow magic in the shape of a circular shield, blocking frontal attacks, and eventually breaking after getting hit a certain amount of times. [Z] Magic Level 54+ ShadowDarkBarrier
Dark Devastation The user leaps into the air and forms a shadowy singularity with swirling dark bands. When fully formed, it is shot toward a location, dealing impact damage as well as damage over time to opponents in the area. [X] Level 100+ ShadowDarkDevastation


Tiers are solely based of the player's stat level and if Shadow is the player's Second Mind Magic, all tier levels will be bumped up by 99 Magic/Strength/Generic Levels.

The only exception is if Shadow is also the player's First Magic, in which case the Second Magic Shadow will have every move unlocked instantly and identical tier levels as the first.

[Q] Shadow Bullet Tier Levels
Tier 1: 1-60 Magic Level
Tier 2: 61-120 Magic Level
Tier 3: 121-240 Magic Level
Tier 4: 241-360 Magic Level
Tier 5: 361+ Magic Level
[E] Dark Impact Tier Levels
Tier 1: 8-68 Strength Level
Tier 2: 69-128 Strength Level
Tier 3: 129-248 Strength Level
Tier 4: 249-368 Strength Level
Tier 5: 369+ Strength Level
[R] Dark Explosion Tier Levels
Tier 1: 25-84 Magic Level
Tier 2: 85-144 Magic Level
Tier 3: 145-264 Magic Level
Tier 4: 265-384 Magic Level
Tier 5: 385+ Magic Level
[F] Dark Binding Tier Levels
Tier 1: 50-109 Strength Level
Tier 2: 110-169 Strength Level
Tier 3: 170-289 Strength Level
Tier 4: 290-409 Strength Level
Tier 5: 410+ Strength Level 
[Z] Dark Barrier Tier Levels
Tier 1: 54-113 Magic Level
Tier 2: 114-173 Magic Level
Tier 3: 174-293 Magic Level
Tier 4: 294-413 Magic Level
Tier 5: 414+ Magic Level 
[X] Dark Devastation Tier Levels
Tier 1: Level 100-160
Tier 2: Level 161-220
Tier 3: Level 221-340
Tier 4: Level 341-460 (Not Achievable)
Tier 5: Level 461+ (Not Achievable)


  • Shadow is the sixth magic to be added to Arcane Adventures.
  • Kraken also possesses Shadow Magic, though uses a different move set that is not available to players.
  • Marua's staff is imbued with Shadow magic, albeit he does not possess it himself.
  • Shadow Bullet's Tier 5's smaller circle is smaller than other Tier 5 magic Qs. Speculated that this happens due to its shorter cast time.
  • Dark Impact used to be an uppercut move, just like most magic E grabs before it was changed.
  • Dark Explosion was named Dark Rage before it was later changed. Dark Rage is almost similar to Dark Explosion.
  • Unlike every other Shadow attack, Dark Binding does not inflict the Wither status effect.
  • Shadow can be really useful during nighttime, appearing to be almost invisible.
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