Rupin Lochester is the current owner of the Fire Curse and is said to be the strongest Fire Curse user to have ever lived, his level is currently unknown. His existence is foreshadowed in a book about his duty of protecting the Fire Sea Curse, his wanted poster.

In the events of the Third Sea, it is revealed to the player that Trigno, The Volcano and Rupin fought at The Sea's Torment. Their attacks were so powerful that the water around the battle site was set ablaze. The explosion of their attacks flung Trigno to a small island nearby, while Rupin was flung to another wilderness, completely burning it. It is now known as Demon's Landing, in reference to Rupin's title of Crimson Demon.

Rupin drops the accessory Rupin's Cursed Pauldrons.


Rupin was chosen to be the guardian of the Fire Curse for all eternity due to his extensive knowledge of Sea Curses. Growing tired of the constant amount of challengers who wished to claim the Fire Curse, Rupin finally decided it was best to just absorb the Fire Curse for himself. He soon grew mad with power and became a pirate, and with his ever-growing bounty, he is feared throughout the seas bringing destruction everywhere he goes and has become known as the most powerful Fire Curse user to have ever lived.

Associated Quests

The Crimson Demon

  • Quest giver: Trigno
  • Objective: Kill Rupin
  • Rewards: 4 Aurem, 10k Lamina


Attacks names Attacks Explanations Damage Effects Image
Fire Flamethrower Rupin chases the player and starts launching a stream of fire from both his hands which has long range. 207 75 Burn
Fire Flamethrower
Combustion Slam Rupin flies over the player and drops after a short time causing a big explosion of fire. 680 56 Burn
Combustion Slam
Incandescent Bruality Rupin flies towards the player. When he gets close enough, he will grab the player and will start puching the player with both his fists on fire in a rapid succession.



57 Burn
Incandescent Bruality
Fiery Deck Rupin flies towards the player and grabs their neck, he will then punch the player creating an explosion dealing massive damage  750 57 Burn
Fiery Deck
Pyre Pillars Rupin flies to the center of the island and starts creating fire pillars randomly around him in an attempt to hit the player. 193 56 Burn 
Pyre Pillars1


  • Because of Rupin's very high damage, it is advised to bring healing potions when fighting him.
  • Rupin's grab attacks, despite common belief, are not unavoidable. Keeping your distance allows for more reaction time to avoid these attacks.
  • Attacking during his flamethrower attack is a great way to safely deal lots of damage if you're far enough away.
  • Using Water's R attack will extinguish any fire if you're burning.
  • Be cautious when damaging Rupin between attacks, since he can fly over to you before you finish casting your spell.


  • Rupin and Trigno are equal in power.
    • Interestingly, Rupin's power level of 92,035 falls just short of Trigno's 97,035.
  • In Online Fighting, the prequel to Arcane Adventures, Rupin made an appearance on a volcano-like island that held the Fire Curse in the center and was named Ruppin instead.
    • Despite what The Story of Rupin book says about Rupin, he does not put up a fight against people obtaining the Fire Curse in Online Fighting.
  • Rupin's battle theme is "Dark Souls 3 OST - Soul Of Cinder".
  • Rupin's last name is "Lochester".
  • Rupin's wanted poster shows the Freedom Lookout set ablaze.
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