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Typical ROBLOX Rules Link to ROBLOX's Rules of Conducts

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Auto-Keying/Clicking 1st Time Caught: Complete removal of stats and progress in-game.

2nd Time Caught: Permanent Ban.

Exploiting Permanent Ban.

In very few cases, (such as if the exploit was done months ago) the exploiter can appeal, but only if they start a New Game.

Abusing Glitches Punishment depends on the type of glitch abused, and will vary between admins. -
Duplicating Items If Suspected: Permanent Ban. The suspected person is allowed to appeal if they believe the ban was unjustified.
Using Shop Forcefield 1-3 Day Ban This rule is broken when someone hides inside a shop forcefield to escape players chasing them and waiting for them to leave.

Going A.F.K. in a shop forcefield is allowed however as long as no one was chasing you, since there is currently no system for going A.F.K. besides not moving after spawning.

Abusing island spawns and forcefield A ban period of an hour or two This rule is applicable when a clan member abuses the island spawn feature to camp an island with forcefield on to prevent other clans from capturing the island.
Intentional Bounty Raising When Caught: Permanent Ban Rule is broken when 3.

someone intentionally allows another player to kill them to raise their bounty.

Bribing an Admin When Caught: Permanent Ban This rule includes bribing for stats, magic change, lamina, aurem, levels, etc.
Preserving Bounty When Caught: 1-3 Day Ban This rule is broken when someone is getting eaten by sharks and etc. in order to preserve one's bounty.
Paying with USD or ROBUX for in-game Items When Caught: Permanent Ban This rule does not include buying Silver Chests, Gold Chests, etc. with ROBUX.
Deceiving Clan Logos Clan Removal This rule includes using the Arcane Government Logo, Mantle Pirates Logo, ROBLOX Admin Logo, One Shot Pirates Logo, Game Admin Logo, etc.
Inappropriate Boat Names When Caught: Player or an admin manually changes the name.

If Name Reverted: Permanent Ban

Being a Jerk or Annoying an admin Kicked by that Admin Killing the admin and destroying their boat is not a reason for them to kick. If an admin does, report it to another admin.
Focused Spawnkilling Kick or a temporary ban This rule only applies when the spawnkiller follows a player through different servers.
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