LegendaryChartDisabled2 Due to leaks of former Legendary Chart riddles and locations, obtaining Legendary Charts have since been disabled.


  • A legendary chest
  • The legendary chart icon

Legendary charts are obtained, extremely rarely, from any type of chest, cargo, or fishing rod in the Third or Second Sea. 

When a player obtains a Legendary Chart, all servers are alerted. A large icon will appear above the chart holder's head, which is visible to all players on the server as it phases through objects similar to a sensed power level or a ghost ship glow.

If the player who has the Legendary Chart is slain, the chart will immediately be sent to the hotbar of whoever killed the previous holder. The stolen chart will have a different riddle and thus the Legendary Chest will be moved to a new location.

Legendary Charts have riddles that describe the area where the Legendary Chest is found. Only the carrier of the chart can see and collect the chest.

The rates for obtaining a Legendary Chart are as follows:

  • 1/20,000 from fishing (1/15,000 from Gold Rod)
  • 1/40,000 from chests and cargo (1/32,000 from Gold Chests)

The Legendary Chest contains a random Legendary weapon. Legendary Weapons are not able to be sold. 

The currently made Legendary weapons are:

  • Ancient Cursed Daggers - Twin black daggers that were cursed thousands of years ago.
  • Frostwater Bow - A bow that was once used by a powerful Ice and Water Magic user. Their power was so strong, the Arcanium metal seems to have turned into solid ice.
  • Durandal - A Superpowered Magic Weapon that was once a holy blade used by a proud warrior. It seems to have been corrupted by a forbidden, evil magic since its original owner lost it.
  • Aethereal Ornament - An Exalted Magic Weapon that was used by a master of Aether Magic long ago. Wearing this allows you to use powerful Aether attacks without the need of magic circles.


As requested by the developer team and to keep the game fair, sharing or discussing riddles is strictly prohibited


  • Legendary Charts are expected to be re-enabled in the v1 update.
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