Ghost ships are ships that are neon in color and resemble a ghost. These ships, when followed by a player, will sail to their respective sunken shipwrecks where lots of chests can be found. Opening chests may yield the ship's item, or the item may be laying somewhere nearby. They have a 1/500 chance to spawn every night.

Supposedly, these ships sail the seas, longing for the adventures they never got to have.

Ghost Ships

First Sea

Second Sea

Third Sea



  • The Ghost Ship's theme is from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Queen Rutela's Theme.
  • All shipwrecks can always be found without aid of a Ghost Ship, but will not provide chests/item unless the Ghost Ship actually spawns.
  • The Nebula, the Aggressor, and the Bermuda's Locket are the only three Ghost Ships to have a solid backstory ingame.
  • The Nebula is the only Ghost Ship to have fog surrounding it.
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