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Ghost ships are naturally occurring events that happen only at night, these ships are able to drop exclusive items once it reaches its destination.



All ghost ships have one chance to spawn every in-game night. First Sea and Second Sea spawn chances are 1/50 every per night, and Third Sea spawn chances are 1/500 per night. Ghost ships will not despawn during the day time and will only disappear once it has reached its destination.

The Bermuda Locket is unique in terms of spawning conditions in that for it to spawn, a server requires at least 6 level 250+ people for it to have a chance to start spawning every night.


Ghost ships are ships that have sunk long ago and roam the seas at night in hopes of returning to the place where they sank. A ghost ship when in a player's vicinity, will sail to its respective shipwreck where a ghost ship item may be found once the ghost ship reaches its destination. Ghost ships will not move without at least one player nearby. Once a ghost ship reaches its shipwreck location, the apparition will sink below the ocean marking the place it sank.


Shipwreck locations have ghost chests scattered around (with the exception of the Bermuda Locket) underwater, and for every ghost chest opened there is a small chance (1/5 chance or 20% per chest) for a ghost ship item to drop. This means that it is possible for multiple ghost ship items to be obtained from a single ghost ship (excluding Morock's Blessing).

Ghost Ships

First Sea

Second Sea

Third Sea


  • The Ghost Ship's theme is from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Queen Rutela's Theme.
  • All shipwrecks can always be found without aid of a Ghost Ship, but will not provide chests/item unless the Ghost Ship actually spawns.
  • The Nebula, The Aggressor, and The Bermuda's Locket are the only three Ghost Ships to have a mentioned backstory.