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Enemies in Arcane Reborn and many other games refer to computer-controlled entities.

Most enemies fall under two different types: ranged and melee. Upon aggro, ranged enemies typically use magic or guns and chase down players if they step out of their range, while melee fighters instead wildly flail their sword while approaching the player. Both types of enemies can dash around and high jump while attacking you.

Upon defeating enemies, players are awarded Lamina and Experience. Reputation may be lowered or raised depending on which enemies are defeated, such as reputation being raised from defeating bandits and lowered when defeating Arcane Government Soldiers.

Mob HP Level Arsenal Drops Location Associated Quest(s) Power Level Image
Crazy Wizard 40 1 One of 7 Source Magics; 'Q' N/A Newground Island The Test 130
Crazy wizard AR.png
Marua, The Shadow (BOSS) 500 40 Shadow Scepter Doom Chief Set Doom Island Conquer The Shadows 5,835
Screenshot 164.png
Desert Bandit 220 25 Shortsword Bandit's Mask, Bandit's Set Savaria & Desert Bandit Hideout Island Bandit Hunt 2,500


Desert Bandit Leader 450 45 Cutlass N/A Desert Bandit Hideout Island The Bandit Leader 4,710
RobloxScreenShot03252017 095129-272.jpg
Undead Desert Warrior 270 35 Unnamed Sword (ROBLOX Classic Brigand's Sword) N/A Kairo None 3,500
RobloxScreenShot03252017 094357-116.jpg
Undead Desert Captain 315 44-50 Broadsword N/A Kairo Prove Your Worth 5,000
RobloxScreenShot03252017 094425-809.jpg
Undead Desert General 500 65 Broadsword Empyrean Set Kairo None 6,500
RobloxScreenShot03252017 094447-919.jpg
Ramses II, The Fallen King (BOSS) 1000 120 Unbound Sand Curse Ramses II's War Set Kairo Raid Kairo 15,935


Fire Wizard (Mini-Boss) 845 150 Fire Magic's "Q" "R" And Rarely "X" N/A Fire Wizard Arena Challenge Accepted 21,450
RobloxScreenShot03252017 100451-972.jpg
Verdies, Angry Pirate Captain (BOSS) 5000 200 Plasma Magic Verdies' Necklace Verdies' Arena The Raging Captain 43,535
Screenshot 165.png
Frozen Bandit 723 90 Shortsword Frozen Bandit's Jacket Permafrost Wilderness End The Frozen Bandits 9,000
RobloxScreenShot12152016 144150126.png
Outcast Tower A.G. Soldier 305 30 Cutlass -20 Reputation Outcast Tower None 3,010
Melee AG.png
Captain Barron 950 110 Light Magic; 'Q', 'R' & 'X' N/A Outcast Tower N/A 19,500

Captain Barron

Mob HP Level Arsenal Drops Location Associated Quest(s) Power Level Image
Wasted Pirate (Ranged) 565, 535 94, 88 Water/Earth Magic 'Q' & 'R' N/A Borealis Tavern Fight Varies, 11,440 - 12,220
Wasted Pirate (Melee) 515-590 84-99 Cutlass N/A Borealis Tavern Fight Varies, 8,400-9,900
RobloxScreenShot12152016 145510565.png
Gunslinger 793 100 Flintlock N/A Oblitesco Trial of Endurance 3,500
Theos, The War Phoenix (BOSS) 10593 1500 Phoenix Magic, Sun Magic, Fire Magic N/A Theos' Arena Trial of Strength 195,000
Theos the War Phoenix Battle Mode.jpg
Emerald Skull Pirates (Melee) 1290-1829 171-248 Cutlass N/A Altavista None Varies
Emerald Skull Pirates (Ranged) 1276-1612 169-220 6 of the 7 Source Magics; 'Q', 'R' & 'X'. N/A Altavista None Varies
Emerald Skull Pirate(Ranged).jpg
Captain Sage, Emerald Empress (BOSS) 3500 350 Lightning Magic; 'Q','R' & 'X' Emerald Captain Set Altavista Trial of The Soul 50,285
Freedom Lookout A.G. Soldier (Ranged) 410 45 Flintlock or Bazooka N/A Freedom Outlook None 4,510
Freedom Lookout A.G. Soldier (Melee) 410 45 Cutlass N/A Freedom Outlook None 4,510
AG Soldier(Melee) Freedom Lookout.jpg
Captain Ulysses 2200 330 Earth Magic; 'Q' & 'R' N/A Freedom Lookout None 30,035
Captain UlyssesV2.jpg

Mob HP Level Arsenal Drops Location Associated Quest(s) Power Level Image
Guards ~1980-2670 185-250 Colossal Cutlass Colossal Cutlass Alalea Stealing Back Varies, but starts ~25,000
Alalea Guard.jpg
Drake, Guard Captain 3498 315 Dual Flintlocks N/A Alalea None 46,950
Reginald, Guard Captain 3533 320 Dual Colossal Cutlass N/A Alalea Oliver's Revenge 38,000
Jace, Guard Captain 3568 325 Light Magic; 'Q','R'& 'X' & Staff of Shining Stars (Upgraded) N/A Alalea None 48,250
Jace Da Pro2.png
Arsen, Guard Captain 18750 1250 Ash Curse N/A Alalea None 1,674,535
A.G. Soldier (Melee) 2543 350 Cutlass N/A Wilderness A.G. Camp None 35,000
AG Solider(Melee) AG Camp.jpg
A.G. Soldier (Ranged) 2543 350 Flintlock N/A Wilderness A.G. Camp None 35,000
AG Solider(Ranged) AG Camp.jpg
Highland Bandit 2683 370 Shortsword Highland Bandit's Set Whiteridge Conquer the Highland Bandits 37,000
Highland Bandit.jpg
Graves, The Merciless 6500 560 Wind MagicBroadsword & Flintlock N/A Whiteridge The Merciless 98,435
Graves the Merciless.jpg
Harrison, Cerulean Wizard 3500 450 Light Magic & Shadow Magic N/A Cerulea Harrison's Challenge 67,600
Harrison NPC3.PNG
Angel Creed (BOSS) 7000 450 Light Magic, Fire Magic & Life Magic N/A Bermuda Archipelago Resurrection 63,135
Angle mob.png
Rupin, The Crimson Demon (BOSS) 12000 ??? Fire Curse Rupin's Cursed Pauldrons Demon's Landing The Crimson Demon 107,035
RobloxScreenShot20200610 004359613.png
Saburan Bandit T.B.A. T.B.A. Scimitar, Flintlock Scimitar (Needs Confirmation) Sabura Pyramid Raiders (Part 1; indirectly) 27,835
Saburian bandit.png
Amon, Bandit Leader 6250 400 Poison Magic & Dual Poison Daggers Dual Poison Daggers Sabura Pyramid Raiders (Part 3) 98,535
Undead Saburan Warrior|thumb|150px 2750 230 Scimitar Scimitar The Gallery Thinning the Herd 36,230 T.B.A.
Undead Archer 2271 220 Crossbow Crossbow The Gallery Thinning the Herd 36,400 T.B.A.
Undead Saburan General 3214 270 Broadsword, Scimitar 'Q' N/A (Needs confirmation) The Gallery Thinning the Herd 35,755 T.B.A.
Undead Mage 2480 250 Various Magic 'Q', 'X' (Each mage has two minds;needs confirmation) N/A The Gallery Thinning the Herd 43,475 T.B.A.
Undead Saburan Warlock 2142 270 Various Magic 'Q', 'R', 'X' (Each warlock has two minds;needs confirmation) N/A The Gallery Thinning the Herd 40,300 T.B.A.
Khnum, Ancient General (MINI-BOSS) 14464 280 Ruin's Hand Ruin's Hand Antechamber Ancient General T.B.A.
Khnum, Ancient General New.png
Tutenrah, The Divine Tremor (BOSS) 14464 300 Unnamed Staff (Unused), Scimitar (Unused), Earth Magic & Lightning Magic Tutenrah's Headdress The King's Chambers The Divine Tremor T.B.A.
Tutenrah, The Divine Tremor3.png
Undead Warrior (And variants) T.B.A. T.B.A. T.B.A. T.B.A. The Eye of the Storm T.B.A. T.B.A. T.B.A.
Prometheus, The Gift Giver 25000 1750 Phoenix Magic, Sun Magic, Promethean Fire Magic, Fire Magic Promethean Set [[The Eye of the Storm] Prometheus T.B.A.
Prometheus, The Gift Giver.png
Insane Wizard 2483 300 Various Magics 'Q', 'R' & 'X' (Each has two minds) N/A Icicle Peak Save Icicle Peak 65,000
Insane wizard.png

Mob HP Level Arsenal Drops Location Associated Quest(s) Power Level Image
Pirates (Clan Varies) Health Varies Immensely Level Varies Immensely Magic/Weapon Varies N/A All Seas Sea of Thieves Varies, but often ~81,000

Magic variant pirate

A.G. Soidiers Health Varies Immensly Level Varies Immensely Magic/Weapon Varies N/A All except Third Sea None Varies immensely
Averill, Pirate Captain 2043 250 Light Magic; 'Q','R', & 'X' N/A Every sea End Averill 33,500 (First/Second Sea); 46,500 (Third Sea)
Averill Updated.png
Romulus 3500 350 Cannon Fist N/A First and Second Sea None 50,285
Trigno, The Volcano 10000 500 Magma Curse N/A First and Second Sea End Trigno 97,035
Kraken, Ravager of the Seas 12000 220 Modified Shadow Magic The Kraken's Band First and Second Sea None 73,835
Screenshot 162.png