• Morris Worm

    Hey fellow wiki editors, like you must've noticed, we've recently changed wiki color pallet and customised our navigation bar and navigation boxes even futhur to celebreate being reused for AR!  Do let us know what you guys feel about this new look 

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  • Dudexyzu

    Magic weapons

    July 22, 2020 by Dudexyzu

    Hey devs, if your seeing this it would be nice to hear your feedback.

    magic weapons, they exist, and their pretty good. Until now. you see when I was grinding for magic levels it takes a ton of time.

    currently the level cap is 280, yet the highest level magic weapon is level 100, it would be really nice us could add a magic weapon that's at level 200 or so, so that way we can grind for magic levels a bit quicker, not only that but it will be very useful for when you guys increase the level cap, whenever increase it that is (hopefully soon)

    and for you guys reading at home, what do you guys think? Do y'all think we should get some better magic weapons to make grinding magic levels easier or not? And if so what do you guys think the weapons sho…

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  • Hentaiwaifu

    So arcane is dead forever, and World of Magic is out (Arcane Adventures 2), this wiki has absolutely nothing to do with WoM, so we should start a new wiki to keep people informed.

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  • Scroomroom

    Suppose a new game similar to arcane adventures was to come out, what would you like it to have that arcane did? The oceans and exploration? Or maybe being able to visit islands with various loot and lore on them, or something completely different? Any comments are appreciated!

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  • Mradaocka


    September 19, 2019 by Mradaocka


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  • Imboredoof

    best combos

    August 27, 2019 by Imboredoof

    i have fire and lightning and not sure which combo to use because im entering alalea which is an area with a lot of tough players. i need a good combo to defend myself. im not sure if this is good but maybe Burning soul>firestorm>lightning annihilation

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  • ShiroKanzaki

    Roblox has become a pretty meh platform recently. there are no fun games, just the same simulators but a little different and botted tycoon games and simulators, and unfortunely people are suckers for simulator games, and ufortunately people don't want to make anything original like arcane anymore since simulators are an easy way to make money... i just want this game back man, the gameplay was amazing and i had so many fun adventures and stories and friends i've made. all come to an end... i bet this would be one of the most popular roblox game if it was remade. i understand that remaking it would be very difficult but it would definitely be worth it in the end.. best roblox game by a long shot, it would save roblox if it were to be remad…

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  • Technobliterator

    Hey ROBLOX Arcane Adventures Wikia! I'm Technobliterator, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager here. I'm here to help your community, and I'm a liaison to full-time Fandom Staff. If any of you have any questions relating to the wiki, whether it's code-related, policy related, or otherwise, I'm your first point of contact.

    Feel free to let me know if you need anything! I'll check your RecentChanges every so often, but for the quickest replies, drop me a message on my talk page here!

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  • Sir Almighty Shibe

    Months, several months after FilteringEnabled, (The crappy "server protection" system that doesn't even really work) was forced upon all the games, I visit Arcane Adventures again when it broke because of FE. This is what happened: Arcane adventures was shut down for a while, and people questioned it. It was later reopened as a broken game, claiming FE had screwed up lots of the code.

    This was true because I tried joining it, I went onto the main menu and joined the Third Sea. It didn't load into the game, therefore I got sad and abandoned it. I came back to it recently and joined again, this time, I got into the game, excited, I loaded up. At this point everything was smooth. I was a "Villain" at the time so when I destroyed buildings the…

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  • Alvsolutely

    My Arcane Story!

    February 14, 2019 by Alvsolutely

    When I started out Arcane, I joined one of my friends. I was bored to hell not knowing what to do.

    When I first signed up, I thought it was gonna be one of those cheap "Fairy tail" games that you played for 2 minutes and left instantly due to lack of content/confusing gameplay (BOY WAS I WRONG)

    I started out at the beginner's island. I had chosen dark magic being the edgy guy I was. I killed a few things and went over to doom island. So far I was actually enjoying it. I did some quests, got some gear and realized how cool this game is after I saw some ships sail by (Caravels, Sailboats, gunboats ect).

    I went over to Savaria, Only to find my Friend which I joined! He was a beefy lvl 250 guy and I looked up to him. They were sitting there fishi…

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  • SpeculatorTenebris

    It has been a while since the game shut down, but the nostalgia that recently hit me brought me back to this Wikia to see if people are still discussing the game and it saddens me that the discussion died just like the game. Arcane Adventures was a game like nothing else, it was blooming with life and color whenever I played it, even through the most frustrating times when my laptop couldn't run it at a playable FPS, I still enjoyed every second of it, this game, this masterpiece is beyond ROBLOX.

    To give some context, recently I had learned of how a now popular free-to-play game "Unturned" came to be, you see, the Developer of that game, was previously a developer in ROBLOX, who developed the original game named "Deadzone", he'd be known a…

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  • VathGamingX

    Can someone Make a Searching System on top of the Blog Posts Cuz I need to Find The Boss Battle Ideas in The Blog Posts

    So can u Make it

    (If i have a Bad Grammar, Srry cuz im a Filipino)

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  • Cycorax

    The Arcane Ending

    September 1, 2018 by Cycorax

    Arcane Adventures is to some their favorite game, and to some another game on roblox. But here, in all of our hearts, it exists beside us. I've played since the early days (probably right after beta). It is truly sad to see the masterpiece Arcane trilogy go, but alas, we must move on. I have great hope that a 4th part of the Arcane will come, but it is likely Vetex abandoned the series as a whole. I look back with fond memories from the day I started with light magic, conquering foes, facing grand bosses, it was a truly memorable experience and through all the ups and downs I will NEVER. forget about this game. If your reading this, know that from one player to another, we will move on from this masterpiece to another. One day, I destine t…

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  • InfernalEmperor464

    Hello to anyone reading this. The story of arcane adventures is a remarkable one.

    First came the era of lag: A time where those who played experienced more lag than ever before in any roblox game.

    Then the peak of performance: this was the time when arcane went on the roblox charts and subsequently made history.

    Then the era of decline: The game started dying down afterwards, but those who played spent countless hours playing. Vetex once stopped working on updates but bounced back with the grand reopening

    Then it’s sudden demise: A combination of roblox updates and Vetex’s loss of drive culminating to the breaking and death of AA

    But this is a message, not a story. This will be my only post on this wiki most likely and I want to thank everyone …

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  • Jibimini


    August 8, 2018 by Jibimini

    thank you all for playing this game, helping with the wiki, and MUCH MUCH more i have had a VERRY good time playing this game. Its super sad to let it go and so I wont let it go, we all need to join this game once a day as to say thanks for all the good times it gave us you could just join and leave if you want thats all i ask. #ARCANEWILLNOTDIE

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  • CraftBattleX117


    August 8, 2018 by CraftBattleX117

    Arcane is dead.....

    This wikia is dead......

    my life is dead.....

    im so salty right now...

    i have been struck with depression....

    send help.....


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  • Artus753

    I decided to start a new game and i thought that seasonal items would still be here after i start a new one. I wanted to start a new one because i wanted good reputation. And also water elmental. now i lost my seasonal items D:

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  • TypicalGuest25

    So,lets get into it already.Please note that this is my personal opinion.


    Its honestly a really fun game.But you really nead to  G  R  I  N  D  to get the good stuff,like AA


    Really fun game if you like literally climbing whole towers,but G  R  I  N  D  to get to that level,you also need to be pretty gud at flicking.

    Miners Haven

    Pretty good game if you ask me.

    NOTE: watch some vids on how to rebirth on your 1st life here,its REALLY HARD FOR ME when i didnt even bother checking youtube.

    bhop and surf

    Honestly its really fun once you get the hang of it.But thing is,ONCE YOU GET THE …

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  • Aldersauce

    A parting message

    July 28, 2018 by Aldersauce

    Just here to quickly thank everyone who's had a part in creating and interacting with this game. I met many friends and had some absolutely incredible moments with you all. As I (among many others) drift away from Roblox due to age and waning interest, I give my heartfelt thanks to all the guildies and players who made this game amazing. Don't by suprised if a pet of mine recieves the name "Trigno".

    ps. I was the one who kept putting cheese in my boots

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  • RealGrenadeGames

    Sup whoever reads this. This will most likely be my only blog post on this wiki. I would like to thank everyone here for the amazing times, and spreading all the knowledge of this fantastic game. Although AA is no longer open for playing, It'll live on with whoever keeps it in their memories. Whether you are giving up on Roblox entirely, waiting for Vetex's new projects, or are just going to look elsewhere on roblox, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Most of us spent countless hours in Arcane, and as long as we had fun, it's not a waste. As the fandom seperates as the game falls deeper into obscurity, I wish you all good luck and lots of fun in new ventures, projects, hobbies and oppertunities. It's the end for arcane, I'm afraid. At le…

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  • Gani452


    July 24, 2018 by Gani452


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  • Lord Auris

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  • TeaDeaPea

    It would be a much better time to do the game with somebody, (no not techlevel80) or even a team.

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  • Photom 82

    Nevermind I solved the issue

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  • RyanTheScourgeOfTheStorm25

    Don't give up just yet, Arcane Adventures will remain on roblox.

    As long as one person doesn't give up, the fight is still going on.

    As long as one spark remains, there's still a hope to create a fire.

    As long as one soldier keeps fighting, the war can still be won.

    (be inspired)

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  • Photom 82

    Yeah. Vetex Tweeted earlier today the Arcane Adventures is actually doomed. The fact that it isn't filtering enabled means that the game is going to get so obscure that only Vetex's Friends are gonna be allowed to play. This is it. Arcane Adventures is Actually Dead. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna just Put my head down listening to The Damaged Coda. See ya. It was fun.

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  • Photom 82


    July 4, 2018 by Photom 82

    This Wiki's Dead ever since Vetex stopped working on AA Again. Now I get that people feel discouraged to share their Ideas on the forums and I'm okay with that. Its just the fact that the silence and boredom on this wiki begins to hurt in some ways, Y'know? I think another contributor to the Forums' Silence is cause we've Kinda Exhausted our Ideas and Put a halt on things. Well, At least that's why I Cancelled the Darkflame Curse user on the Boss Idea Forums. But a story isn't justified by a single chapter. Give me your reasons why you feel a little bored.

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  • JakesLegend

    Negative Messages

    July 3, 2018 by JakesLegend

    Thsi was a long time ago (when arcane was alive) and I somehow got negative messages

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  • CoolKG2

    I want my 25 r0buxs

    June 30, 2018 by CoolKG2


    or i sue r0bl0x

    or i sue vetex XDDDD kill me

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  • ShiftyDragon

    Oh no.

    June 30, 2018 by ShiftyDragon

    666 edits. (I'm an idiot.)

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  • Morris Worm

    Hello, fellow community members! 

    Arcane Adventures has been put on hold by the developer - Vetexgames because, the recent Roblox update has broken Test Universe 3rd Sea's teleport service. 

    • Vetex mentioned that in order to fix the game, he tried to get help on developer forums but we failed to find any threads started by him on it
    • Numerous fixes were also suggested by ex-nova trusted lad - Alexandrea but vetex didn't even consider them.
    • Vetex mentioned in vetex chat that he might resume working on the game once roblox fixes it for him, which honestly is not going to happen. 
    • If my sources are correct, he is now working on roblox's big adventure and has ditched the Arcane Adventures project. 

    By this, we all can expect to not get any updates for…

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  • HuguitoBurrito


    June 23, 2018 by HuguitoBurrito

    I'm quitting AA until the next update which is probably never, so bye!

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  • CraftBattleX117

    Some people told me that Arcane Adventures has been discontinued ONCE again...

    Is this true?

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  • CoolKG2

    keel me

    June 18, 2018 by CoolKG2

    keel me

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  • RupinLoches

    As the title already says, I want literally 2 robux so i can get Arcane Adventures, so if someone could help i'd be really happy :D

    Thanks for your attention

    IG Name: RupinLoches

    (PS: Please don't ban me mods ( .3.) )

    Also, if you need proofs I only need 2 robux

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  • HuguitoBurrito

    Proof --->

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  • Photom 82

    A story about teamers

    June 16, 2018 by Photom 82

    SO. I was training on Cumulus Island for a bit before a shadow wizard came at me. I got him to low health and warded him off. I started trying to level up again before someone ELSE had decided to come at me with dual katanas as WELL as the Shadow Wizard. Neither of us got each other very low and I eventually warded him off as well. Eventually... A wind wizard with a power level of THIRY TWO THOUSAND CAME AT ME, VERY OBVIOUS HE WAS GOING TO ATTACK ME AS HE WAS ACCOMPANIED BY THE OTHER TWO KIDS!!! at that point I just backstrafed off the edge.

    I just had to vent... Ah my gawd...


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  • Interlocked

    So I'm in the second sea getting my second magic, and I'm wondering what I should pick.

    My original magic is Shadow magic, cause I was trying to be edgy.

    I'm thinking I'll either pick Light magic or Lightning magic.

    Which is better?

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  • LordAethereal

    Started making a chart comparing source magics, will post here when complete :D

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  • Photom 82

    I Have Returned!

    June 9, 2018 by Photom 82

    Janeeva and I are back from the vacation to Orlando. It was pretty alrightss. At Universal, I was not gonna go on a single roller coaster either because I was traumatized or the wait time surpassed the physical capabilities of my feet. Y'know how they start to hurt when you stand/walk on 'em for a while. We also went to Aquatica where Disappointingly, I only went on one slide. I would've gone on more but something was stopping me. Needless to say, My vacation was... good.

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  • JackTheVamp

    Hi! I currently know nothing about torren and i hear vetex leaked some clues. So if u know any, please write them down in the comments. Thanks!

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  • CraftBattleX117

    What is Arcane Legacy exactly? 

    It has something to do with Arcane of course, but I heard someone mention it to me. However, I have no clue what it is. Can someone please explain???

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  • Photom 82

    I'll be gone

    June 4, 2018 by Photom 82
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  • Dragontime

    skrrt skrrt

    June 3, 2018 by Dragontime
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  • TaeJung

    Chest Keys!

    June 3, 2018 by TaeJung

    I am very curious on how many Chest Keys you people have gotten from chests compared to how many you have opened!

    I Have opened 1700 chests and I have gotten 1 key...

    How About You Guys ;)

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  • ShiftyDragon
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  • RyanTheScourgeOfTheStorm25

    Welcome, to the Supercontinent, this is a world of wonder, but we'll start with the 7 Continential Sized Areas

    Kupin: A mixed continent with four main countries that are, Newground, Savaria, Doom and Permafrost

    Wenon:A cold, misty continent with two main countries that are, Lordia and Silverthorn

    Povan: A boiling hot continent with three countries, Cascran, Mainland and Blackthorn, this is the second largest Continent

    Pellaren: A fairly large continent, only smaller than Jotunheim and Povan the main Countries are, Alaela, Old Savaria and Andasi

    Seakon: A small continent only larger than Kupin and Sturma, mostly cold and frozen, the homeland of Vampires, Skeletons and Draugr, the main Countries are, Oblitesco, Permafrost and Altavista.

    Sturma: On…

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  • Photom 82

    Uh... Wat?

    May 27, 2018 by Photom 82

    I was plaing Elemental wars earlier when I encountered a Hacker that Uses Sun Magic. Like, AA Sun Magic! Heres A clip!

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  • CraftBattleX117


    May 26, 2018 by CraftBattleX117

    Who is the user, "Doomera"?

    I've been curious about him ever since I first saw the statue of him on Doom Island and read the text. 

    Is he an admin?

    I think that Doom Island was actually named after Doomera...

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  • Photom 82


    May 25, 2018 by Photom 82

    Where I am, School just got out! So Here's A comic of Me and Janeeva!

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