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Angel Creed is a quest giving NPC until you receive the quest to fight her at Bermuda Archipelago.


Angel Creed is the daughter of Morock Creed, the original Promethean Flame curse user. She's blonde and wears a recolored version of the Cerulean Robes.

Angel had previously mutated her Light Magic into Life Magic before the player meets her on Cerulea. When spoken to, she talks about how she believes she can revive the dead using her Life Magic. Angel tells the player to meet her on a wilderness island within Cerulea that has a small lake. She plans to revive Morock, her deceased father, and asks the Player to join her, but the Player declines. Angel tells the Player she's going to try anyway and you then receive the quest to defeat her.


Once defeating Angel at the Bermuda Archipelago, a cutscene will play. Within the cutscene, Angel's spell succeeds, but wasn't fully cast because of the player's interference. Only Morock Creed's spirit was brought back. Had his body been brought back as well, he would not have been able to control his rage and the world would have suffered great devastation. Afterwards, he gives Angel all of his remaining power, and grants her the power of Promethean Flame Magic.

Associated Quests


  • Quest Giver: TBA
  • Objective: Talk to Angel in The Archives
  • Rewards: TBA

Boss Fight

Angel Creed uses all of her 3 magics - Life, Light, and Fire when she battles the player. She has a power level of 63,135.

The player will find Angel Creed at the Bermuda Archipelago, which is just under the sky wilderness island with a lake where you talk to Angel for the second time. Angel moves around in the air in a similar fashion to Theos.


Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage Effects Image
Light Beam Fires a quick beam of light at the player. This beam has faster cast time than a player's Light Beam, coming out as soon as the circle is cast. The only way to dodge this is have it collide with something or time a jump or dash perfectly. This attack has infinite range and can hit you anywhere as long as Angel is attacking you. 585 None
Divine Shower Fires multiple orbs of light that will deal massive damage when hit. If you're using a spell when it activates Divine Shower, you'll most certainly die. 100 per orb None
Fireball Fires a ball of fire at the player. Because of its instant cast time, she has no time to aim this and usually misses it. The minimal damage means that it can be tanked. Angel usually moves during or after using this move. 305 15 DoT (Burning status effect)
Dragon Flame Pillar A beating ball starts on a player and then erupts into a pillar of flames. This spell's model will destroy sword projectiles from Deluxe Cutlass, Sword of Doom's Wrath, and Colossal Cutlass. 113 per pulse None
Life Restore Angel heals herself using Life Magic. None Angel restores a massive chunk of health, around 2000 HP.
Life Shield Angel creates a shield around her using Life magic None Angel becomes invincible.


Morock Creed

Morock Creed is the father of Angel Creed. Morock died before Angel was able to fully know him, and as such, wishes to restore his life.

The Player

Angel seeks the players assistance in reviving Morock, however, the player declines. After a battle, Angel becomes friends with the player and thanks them for stopping her from unleashing Morock Creed's rage upon the world. She is then seen again in a cutscene after "defeating" Rupin using her Life Magic, worriedly healing the player.