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Amon the Bandit Leader is a Poison Magic user, and a miniboss on Sabura, and the leader of the Saburan Bandits. He and his clan await the player just outside the city, towards the Pyramid of Azten.

For information on his drop, go to Dual Poison Daggers.


Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage Additional Effects GIFS
Poison Blast Amon fires a standard blast of Poison Magic. 347 Inflicts the Poison status.
Dagger Throw Amon throws the two daggers, one by one in subsequent order, dealing damage along with inflicting poison and bleed. 272 x2 Inflicts the Poison and Bleed status.


Amon pulls out a Magic Horn and fires a poison beam from it, dealing poison damage over time if the beam connects. 350-380 Inflicts the Poison status.

Associated Quests

Pyramid Raiders

  • Quest Giver: Pace
  • Objective: Defeat Amon the Bandit Leader in Sabura
  • Rewards: TBA


  • Amon and Graves are the only bandits so far to possess magic, which both happen to be bandit leaders.
  • Amon is one of the only two bandits to have a different arsenal than other bandits.
  • Amon is one of the few mini bosses that act like a player, in the sense that they maneuver using dashing and predicting where a player will run to.
  • Amon has quite the detection radius, if the player is killed by him, and he remains untouched by others, he will attempt to attack the player, regardless if they're near him or not. (For instance, charging magic energy, or aiming a weapon at him from across Sabura will prompt an attack.)